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St. Peter’s Rambula Mixed Secondary school is a public day school located in Rambula South Sub-location Uholo west; Ugunja Division Ambira zone of Siaya District in Nyanza Province.

The school caters for both boys and girls within the location and its neighbourhood. It has a very wide catchments of about 5 primary schools many are which are drawn from Rambula – Mbosie clusters otherwise known as RAMBO schools. Some of its feeders schools include; Rambula primary school, Mauna, Oloma,Mudaho,Mbosie, Konjra,Uriya, Got Osimbo, Ninga, Ogeda, Dendyo, Ambira, Sirandumb, Ugunja, Nyasanda, Nyamasare, Ulwani, Suwinga, Uref, and Sigomere.

The school accommodates students from dominations but is however sponsored by the Catholic Church. It is under the Sigomere parish of Siaya Deanery of the Arch Diocese of Kisumu.

The school is the brainchild of Mr. Bernard Peter Odero who has been its patron since its inception in 1997. The idea of the school was hatched in 1995 and the first 24 students were admitted in form one on 11th February 1997.Since then the school has currently grown and develop as now been seen currently maintained at double stream.

The school management is active with a Board of governors which is operational. The Boards id chaired by Mr. Peter Bernard Odero and parents Teacher Association is chaired by Patrick Opondo Okeyo. The parent’s population is 285.

The school operates three accounts. The first account is Tuition account No. 261757132, operations account 261757396, and savings account No. 09216/052995.

The tuitions account covers the tuition expenditure items which include classroom teaching and learning materials, inset seminars for students and teachers, laboratory equipments, stationary.

The operational account covers the administration costs, repairs, maintenance and improvement, local transport and travel, electricity, water and conservancy, activity fees, personal emolument and medical.

The savings account covers the lunch program, Development and caution money which is payable but refundable on completion of form four.

On curriculum, we offer eleven subjects. Five are compulsory i.e English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, the others like Physics, Geography, History, C.R.E, Agriculture and Business are optional. Subjects which suffer serious understaffing are Kiswahili and C.R.E.

The school is duly registered by the ministry of education, science and technology and the registration number is GP\A\2610/2003, registered fully on 2nd April 2003 even though it had been given provisional registration in 1997. The subject taught are of 8-4-4 CURRICULUM and instruction to be given in this school is up to form four.

Generally the school has realized an upward trend in performance because of the effective heads of departments. Even though they are not duly recognized by the T.S.C they have what it calls to be an H.O.D. They have good motivational skills and they are individually motivated. Without motivation, people will be work robots waiting to be operated in order to produce results. Yet human beings cannot just be “operated” to produce results. As one writer puts it:

  • You can buy a man’s time
  • You can buy his physical presence at a given place
  • You can even buy a measured number of his skilled muscular motions per hour, but you cannot buy enthusiasm, you cannot buy loyalty, you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds and souls
  • You must earn these

The parents have tried so much to motivate the teachers through Awards days and tokens of appreciation for the remedial work they do. We appreciate the efforts of the parents in the provision of teachers’ lunch and tea. All these have made teachers to admire and own up what they do. Teachers really feel that they are valued and this has elicited their enthusiasm to participate fully in the school programme. They have devoted their hearts, minds and souls and this has sustained our performance over time.

Through and through we have tried to cultivate good skills in managing the envi sages changes. We make students understand the need for changes and how they are likely to benefit then, we persuade them to embrace these changes. We embark in influencing, lobbying, negotiating and bargaining for changes to maintain and improve our results.

Networking and benchmarking is also a factor that has helped us greatly. We thank our B.O.G chairman and his team for helping us realizes this.

Our school is also very active in co-curriculum activities and is well known for Drama, Netball and soccer for both boys and girls. We also participate in Music festivals and legal Education activities.

            The challenges, threats, opportunities and weaknesses facing the school are detailed in chapter two of this report.

Finally I would like to appreciate the students for their discipline and hard work, the teachers and supportive staff for their dedication to serve and team work, the parents for supporting the school programme, the Board of Governors for their good management and all the stakeholders for their interest, prayers and concern on the needs of the school.

St. Peter’s Rambula is a young upcoming school which still requires a lot to achieve its objectives.

We appeal to any sponsor or group of sponsors who can gear us to a speedy realization of our objectives and goals as stated in this report.

May God bless St. Peter’s, may God bless our management, may God bless our sponsors and may God bless us all.




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