St. Peter's Rambula

Situation Analysis


The strengths of St. Peters Rambula Secondary School include its resources and capabilities that enable it to carry out its activities and achieve its objectives.

They are as follows:

  • Qualified and trainable staff
  • Fairly stocked library
  • Fairly distributed staff (Gender & subject)
  • United and hard working staff (team work.)
  • Availability of teaching resources
  • Disciplined students body
  • Truancy level is low
  • Average academic ability on the part of students
  • Co-operative and hard working supportive staff

The weaknesses of St. Peter’s Rambula comprises of deficiencies in resources and capabilities. They are retarding influence on success and growth. These must be addressed for the planned objectives to be achieved.

They include:

  • Lack of quality performance
  • Inadequate teaching and learning facilities.
  • Disruption of learning due to inadequate funds
  • Inadequate support from some stakeholders
  • Limited land space
  • Inadequate income generating projects.
  • Out dated books
  • Poor syllabus coverage
  • Congested classrooms
  • Lazy students
  • Absenteeism
  • Lack of follow-up activities from parents.
  • Poor time management
  • Inadequate physical facilities
  • Limited choice of subject

The opportunities available to the school are the operational potentials and external factors that the school will exploit in order to enhance its ability to achieve the set objectives.

The opportunities include:

  • Increased demand for available vacancies
  • Government good will on free primary education
  • Large catchments area of above primary schools
  • Support from LATF and C.D.F
  • Suitable climate and weather conditions
  • Available support from stakeholders and other parties
  • Community library
  • Co-operative neighborhood.
  • Active old boys and old girls

The threats to the school are external operational challenges that constrain its ability to realize its objectives. They include:

  • HIV/AIDS prevalence
  • High poverty index within the region
  • Inaccessibility
  • High mortality rate
  • Domestic inconvenience




  1. Quality education for ALL

St. Peters Rambula is geared to set standards for quality grades for both boys and girls in order to create favorable competition and post itself in the national academic map



This has led to deaths of some parents and relatives therefore increasing the number of double and single orphans in the school.

This affects   -Fee payments

                      -delay in academic programme

                      -psychological and emotional effects



                      -Single parenting

                      -Separation and divorce

                      -Irresponsible parenthood.





-This has led to increase in the school population which is causing infrastructural challenges

-Increase in the number of order or aged students joining the school in form one and other classes.

Parents abdicating their responsibilities of fee payment and upbringing of their children has affected students’ attitude to aspire for greater things.

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