St. Peter's Rambula

Mission and Vision


To nurture, impact and equip the students with skills that will make them face the challenges of dynamic society with confidence.



To be an epitome of wholistic excellence and a leader in the provision of quality education.



Our core values constitute our desired institutional culture

These values are:-


i. Integrity: We are committed to acting in a honest, accountable and transparent manner in our undertakings

ii. Professionalism: We are committed to the highest level of achievement obtainable through competence and pertinent skills.

iii. Team work: We embrace team work and collaboration both within our institution and with all our partners in the provision of education services.

iv. Efficiency: We strive to achieve the highest value of benefit from the employment of our resources, particularly to the leaner.

v. Continual Improvement: We are committed to setting and maintaining high standards of education and training through continual improvement in service delivery.

vi. Courtesy: We shall endeavor to be courteous at all times to all our clients.

vii. Confidentiality: We shall embrace the principle of confidentiality in service delivery.

viii. Fidelity to law: We are committed to respecting the rules in our undertaking.

ix. Respect for individual differences: We are committed to providing education to all learners, including those with disabilities/ special needs.

x. Cultivating self confidence and self esteem in members of St. Peter’s Rambula Secondary School Community

xi. Promote standard of morality and discipline

xii. Being proud achievers

xiii. Building on a spiritual foundation with fear of God as a priority

xiv. Developing a sense of professionalism



i.                     Better our best under all circumstances

ii.                   To be self reliant and responsible citizen

iii.                  Provision of opportunity to join Universities

iv.                 Provision of opportunity to join middle level colleges



i.                     It can be done

                  ii.                   Everything is possible to a willing heart.


i.                     All citizen and persons resident in Kenya

ii.                   Students

                  iii.                  Stakeholders


The school under law to

i.                     Provide efficient and effective delivery of services in a timely manner

ii.                   Be accountable and transparent in our operations.

iii.                  Embrace professionalism and integrity

iv.                 Offer courteous and timely response to all inquiries.

v.                   Be open in information  dispensation


i.                     Offer quality to all our customers

ii.                   Use resource wisely

iii.                  Offer equity and fairness

iv.                 Offer focus leadership

v.                   Accept criticism positively

vi.                 Provide a conducive learning environment



Our customers can help the institution provide quality and efficient services by:


i.                     Engaging us in constructive criticisms

ii.                   Giving us feedback on administrative issues

iii.                  Participating in our programmes

iv.                 Giving us feedbacks on the quality of our services

v.                   Participating in our committee/ councils e.t.c.

vi.                 Being conversant with the requirements

                  vii.                Demanding high quality services


As an institution we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in a professional manner – All clients should expect the following standards from us.

i.                    Service for all

We commit ourselves to the provision of services that are accessible by all and will ensure confidentiality and dignity are upheld always

ii.                  Courteous services

 Our services will be provided in a polite and welcoming manner and we promise to deal with our clients inquiries promptly, with at most respect.

iii.                Listening to our customers

Your views and suggestions will be listened to and give necessary attention.

Continually improve our performance

 - We shall aim to adopt innovative approaches and modern management practices through setting annual targets for all the departments, subjects and individual teachers and carry out regular performance reviews based on the agreed indicators.


i.                     To improve academic performance in the school from a mean score of 6.5 to 7.00 by the year 2009

ii.                   Enhance management of academics

iii.                  Improve course books ratio to 1:2 in all subjects by 2009

iv.                 Improve the schools income by 20% by year 2010

v.                   Improve the schools physical facilities by 20% by 2010

vi.                 Improve the schools aesthetic value by 20% by 2009

vii.                Improve the schools co curriculum activities by 2009

viii.              Improve laboratory equipments by 30% by 2009


i.                     Conduct frequent revision text and examination

ii.                   Conduct in services courses for teachers in subject arrears reading attention

iii.                  Raise the school’s community morale by motivating students, non- teaching staffs, the teaching staffs, and parents

iv.                 Provide laboratory equipments for effective teaching of science subjects.

v.                   Improve the students book ratio to 1:2 by the year 2010

vi.                 Raise the number of the teaching staff

vii.                Ensure the completion of syllabus by July of every year

viii.              Improve the status of the current school library by providing enough reading and revision materials including the daily newspapers for students and staff use.


i.                     Provide conducive learning atmosphere for students by building and renovating the classrooms and sanitary facilities. And change the general look of the school by planting more flowers and painting of the existing facilities.

ii.                   Enhance security of the school by reinforcing the school fence  

iii.                  Maintaining the prevailing high discipline of the students in the school by formulating rules and students administrative structures

iv.                 Improve the financing base of the school by initiating income generating projects and identifying other sources of income.

v.                   Stabilizing the supply of water and electricity to the school

vi.                 Improve on the semi boarding facilities e.g. school kitchen & other students’ dormitory e.t.c.

vii.                Improve on existing staff furniture and students’ furniture.

viii.                Reactivate Departmental programme.

ix.                 Improve on the guiding and counseling services in the school.

x.                   Organize for Academic meetings/ Assemblies and release CAT’S officially.


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