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The school currently has the following departments;

  1. Maths department                                 - H.O.D Mr. Yambo Odongo
  2. Languages Dept                                    - H.O.D Mrs. Metrine Sabwami
  3. Humanities Dept                                   - H.O.D Mr. Danson Otieno
  4. Science Dept                                        - H.O.D Mr. Nashon Otieno
  5. Guidance and Counseling Dept             - H.O.D Judith Oloo
  6. Games Dept                                         - Mr. Osuri Willis
  7. Clubs Coordinator                                - Mr. Nashon Otieno
  8. Curriculum Master                                - Mr. Yambo Odongo
  9. Teachers Welfare Association   - Mr. Danson Otieno
  10. Students Welfare                                  - Mr. Kenneth O. Odongo

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